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George asks…

Are there any companies that send you workout supplements to try out in order to get feedback/reviews?

Maybe something like a new line of protein powder or thermogenics. Anything workout related. I know I’ve seen companies before that do that for other products, but I’m not sure if there are any supplement companies that do that.

themoneydude answers:

Lol….that’s funny. You must think that bodybuilding supplement makers give a damn about what you think. They don’t as long as you’re buying their junk.

Bodybuilding supplements are generally just scams sold to teen males who are naive and haven’t yet learned that you can’t believe advertising…especially on the internet. Here are some things you need to know.

- There is no law requiring supplement makers to test their products. So, why should they. And, if they don’t, how do they really know what’s in them. The truth is, most bbing supps don’t have what’s on the label. They’ll have more or less and are often contaminated too because they buy a lot of that stuff from third world countries with no quality control.

- was fined $7million for selling over 60 different supplements with illegal ingredients.

- You don’t need supplements to build muscle. The strongest men in the world, Olympic weight lifters do not use supplements. Only bodybuilders and naive teens in sports use them. Smart people know they don’t work. Have you ever seen any good science to prove they work? Hell, no. All you see are pics of huge roid freaks and hot babes with giant bottle and cool sounding names.

- There is no money in reviews. Most bbing supp reviews are “astroturfing” which is an internet guerilla marketing scam to make you think you’re reading a real review when you’re really just reading advertising. Learn more about that here –>

- No one is going to send free samples because that costs money. You need to understand that supplements makers don’t operate by the same rule as food and drug sellers. They know there are tons of suckers out there willing to throw good money away on some dream of getting bulked up easy.

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Good luck and good health!!


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