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Sandy asks…

Why do people care more about pets than people?

Recently, I have been insulted several times by people online who believe that I should finance/go into financial ruin because I need an expensive test for my dog. I am 8 mos pregnant, have a disability, and medical bills that have to be paid (I am not on gov aid like most people, don’t use credit cards, finance anything but my car, etc). My grandpa was an accountant and my grandma was a banker, so I learned financial lessons from them. Sadly, my mom didn’t take after them and she’s in tremendous debt, but denies it… (I learned from her mistakes, bottom line).

People get onto me and say “if you can’t afford the dog, and can’t finance his test/treatment.. then you don’t have any business with one!”. I work in the animal industry and know pets, so yes I do have a reason having a dog. Why are people trying to be crusaders these days and put animals above people? Is a pet who is fine, but just needs a test and some injection once a month more important than human kids? What is people’s deal these days?
In my case, it was my ex husband’s dog who left it with me and abandoned it when he left to be with another woman (he abandoned his human child too). Did I ask to be left with a sick dog who’s owner didn’t want him, no. So don’t say that I got the dog knowing I couldn’t afford this test. That’s silly.
And I had a lady tell me vaccinations are wrong for both ppl and pets, and they actually cause more harm than good. I have all my dogs shots and preventative care. Just that optional test that the vet says he can have, but isn’t absolutely necessary.

themoneydude answers:

I just read the first sentence. Ignore insults onpine. They are from 13 year olds who have nothing better to do.

Edit. I read the rest. Far too many make inaccurate assumptions on here. Ignore them. Often times people get animals when things are good. Some years later stuff hapoens, such as loss of job, unable to find another, tragic costly events happen, a person can’t pay rent/mortgage and is facing eviction, etc. It’s better a dog get rehomed or whatever, vs yall wind up in the street.

Edit. I wrote a lot more, but it didn’t post, so I’ll give you the nutshell version. Don’t bother with booster shots, or unnnecessary tests. Research raw diets for dogs. That may well eliminatecthe need for monthly injections. Many dogs have been healed of the strangest things on raw diets. One of mine was dying 3 years ago. She was healed naturally on a raw diet. I maxed out my creidt card and emptied my bank account on vet bills. But she healed almost immediately on raw. No more vet bills!We spend 25 a month to feed 2 dogs. We don’t do monthly deworming. We don’t do heartworm preventatives. We do alternative things, alk of which have been effective. And cheap.

I love my dogs. But in no way do they measure up to people in my family. Children are far more important. The people who say otherwise have never had children.

I really wish people would offer money saving advice instead of telling you to give the dog to a shelter where it will most likely be euthanized. Even no kill shelters take un adoptable animals to the pound to be euthanized.

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